Viewers make suggestions for Today show visit to Yellowstone Park

The Today show will be visiting Yellowstone National Park on Tuesday.

The Today show will be visiting Yellowstone National Park on Tuesday.

By Ruffin Prevost

The Today show, NBC’s morning news and information program, will be visiting Yellowstone National Park on Tuesday, May 21. The stop is one of five next week the show’s anchors will be making in spots across the country to highlight America’s best summer vacation destinations.

In preparation, Today show producers asked viewers to share their suggestions for what to see and do in Yellowstone, and what topics to cover during their Tuesday broadcast.

Here are some suggestions with great photographs that viewers contributed via the Twitter social network using the hashtag “#TODAYinYellowstone.” Feel free to share your own ideas in our comments section or using the same hashtag.

10 thoughts on “Viewers make suggestions for Today show visit to Yellowstone Park

  1. Yellowstone is our most FAVORITE vacation spot. I am returning next week also, but staying 28 days. Some of our favorite spots in the park are Lamar and Hayden Valleys because of the wonderful wildlife, also Grand Prismatic Spring and the Lower Falls at canyon. Never have I visited a place as diverse as Yellowstone, it has captured my heart. Hope Matt and Savannah and all truly enjoy their experience and will return for a longer stay next time.

  2. Please do a piece on the unprecendented slaughter of wolves in MT/ID/WY and WI/MN after just coming off the endangered species list. And how MT/ID/WY want to have only the minimum amount of wolves to keep them off the ESA. Report how they will not allow buffer zones around YNP and how they are allowing baiting and possbily snaring for the 2013/2014 season starting in the fall.

    Please have the courage to report and protect our wolves. Next they want the Grizzlies removed from ESA.

    Thank you.

    • We have all heard that line.Maybe a story from the other sides point of view so that the nation could get some true perspective on Wolves and Grizzly Bears.

      • Yes please do a piece on the slaughter of wolves. It is well known how the ranchers and farmers purposely put their livestock and baited animals close to the border of the park so they can collect money and a hunting tag for a wolf from the government. They are also known to use the dead animals to lure wolves onto their property (these wolves are tagged and named and from the park) so they can kill them. It is a shame that these beautiful species are misunderstood and hated all because of the fear that some people have, Without the wolf the ecosystem will not be in balance. We need these animals for an equal balance in the wildlife. People take it to the extreme just so they can show their “trophies” or have bragging rights. Please show the world how beautiful wolves are. Please give them a fighting chance.

        • The slaughter of wolves? That suggestion is insane. Farmers and Ranchers are baiting wolves so they can collect money or get a tag? Look in the mirror your ignorance is all over your shirt. This species is not misunderstood or hated. The true fear or one could say paranoia is easy to see and it is all over your reply. The wolf is part of our ecosystem for good and that is great. Equal balance as you say will be achieved and part of that equality includes game management. The world knows how beautiful wolves are. What the world needs to see is how ugly your opinions are.

  3. Even better Sharon might be the demise of all the Elk due to those wolves.

  4. Hot off the press is the news from Wyoming Game & Fish Department that “Elk hunters killed a record number of elk last year.
    More than 57,000 hunters killed 26,385 elk” in 2012 for a 46% success rate. Elk are over herd objective in many hunt units, while bears and wolves are being killed in unprecedented numbers. Now MT/ID/WY want to increase the hunting and trapping to keep wolves at the bare minimum allowed by the ESA. No doubt about it: wolves and bears have co-existed with big game for millennia and actually benefit from co-existence. Plus bears and wolves are good for MT/ID/WY economy, as so many millions come to the park just to see these charismatic carnivores that have been wiped out elsewhere.

  5. Please address the fact the Government used taxpayer dollars back in the 80’s to reestablish the wolves in Yellowstone Park, which is owned by all Americans, and now the wolves are being hunted and trapped and tortured, gun down by helicopter, and hunters luring the wolves outside of Yellowstone so they can kill them. Also their is a website on Facebook, that brags about getting free puppies off of Craigslist and using the puppies as bait to lure the wolves so they can be killed, they brag they nail the puppies feet to a tree, The people are located in Spread Eagle, WI

  6. On the right page ,Thanks for posting them ,The Wolves are so important to our ecology, and sustaining a healthy environment. They have also become an iconic symbol of what and who the American people are and what our heritage past and present holds for us and our future generations. With the current situation that the wolves are in , I truly wish that a national show like yours would pick up the ball and run with the truth about what is happening to them. They were completely eradicated from the lower 48 states over 30 years ago, and the laws and hatred of these animals are driving them back toward extinction almost as quickly as they came off the Endangered Species List. This will be a tragic loss for all the research programs that have pent countless hours reintroducing them back into this country. Perhaps you could help get their story out and let the people know what is really going on. Putting the truth and facts out to the pubic, will only help spread the truth about the dangerous situation this has become for them. Their existence as a species is seriously threatened by the ways they are being hunted and trapped across the great northwest, and a great number of people don’t even know about the peril they are in. Please take a moment and think about all the children that will never hear the howl of a wolf in the wild, if they are allowed to be hunted into extinction. I hope you can help them and get the information to the people that watch your show every morning. There is nowhere on earth like Yellowstone, and it would be a shame if there would not be a howl in the night, for the children to hear, as they drift off to sleep under thier blanket of stars.