Hundreds gather in Cody to protest racism, excessive force

Hundreds gathered on Sunday in City Park in Cody, Wyo. to protest racism and excessive force by law enforcement.


Approximately 300 people attended a rally at City Park in Cody on Sunday to protest against racism and also against excessive use of force by law enforcement. Attendees, most of whom were wearing protective masks, took a knee and observed 8 minutes and 46 seconds of silence during the event, noting the time listed in a second-degree murder complaint filed against Minneapolis Police officer Derek Chauvin. Charging documents stated Chauvin pressed his knee into the neck of George Floyd for nearly 9 minutes during an arrest that resulted in Floyd’s death and has sparked nationwide protests.

Cody Police Chief Chuck Bakers praises attendees at a peaceful rally in Cody, Wyo. on Sunday.

Cody Police Chief Chuck Baker praises attendees at a peaceful rally in Cody, Wyo. on Sunday.

Sunday’s event in Cody was peaceful and without incident. Among the speakers was Cody Police Chief Chuck Baker, who criticized Floyd’s death at the hands of Minneapolis police. Baker praised protestors for being a peaceful part of what he said was a movement that will result in positive change for the country.

Hundreds gathered on Sunday in City Park in Cody, Wyo. to protest racism and excessive force by law enforcement.


The event was also attended by approximately two dozen apparent counter-protestors, some of whom were armed with pistols, rifles and batons. The counter-protestors gathered in small groups and did not appear to be organized, nor did they appear to attempt to actively interfere with the rally, which was peaceful and without incident.

A protestors holds a sign Sunday in City Park in Cody, Wyo. during a protest against racism and excessive force by law enforcement.

5 thoughts on “Hundreds gather in Cody to protest racism, excessive force

  1. These were not counter protestors they were citizens who coordinated with the police to insure that the protest remained peaceful and no looting or rioting incurred. They in no way interfered with the protestors. When you report something you should have the facts correct.

    • They were there trying to incite the peaceful protesters. Nobody needed them standing around clutching their guns to remain peaceful.

    • If these people were allegedly protecting rally participants from whatever it was, why did some stand in a row leaning against their vehicles with firearms and make snide remarks like 7th graders in the hallway as people walked by? A group of four had their backs facing the people walking by with firearms visible. I do not believe this was a sign of empathy or protection for the people at the rally. I would say it was the exact opposite. How about the man standing on the corner near the W.F. Cody statue madly waving a Trump flag as people walked around him? Was he protecting people in some way? Of course not. He was a counter protester – which is welcome in America. It is also hard to believe that any of these people coordinated with law enforcement for the so-called protection of those gathered. That would be foolish on the part of the CPD – a potential lawsuit waiting to happen if someone was injured. They were there to intimidate, pure and simple. Please note that these people were not successful in their efforts to scare the crowd. It was a great, positive event to stand up for civil rights and against racism.

  2. My hubby and I were at this event. The civilians with guns and some on horseback were there to make certain that the even was safe for everyone including the protestors. Don’t make this into a problem of race or hate. It wasn’t. And there were NO COUNTER-PROTESTORS!

  3. The folks with pink arm bands are the armed citizens who coordinated with law enforcement and event organizers. Their firearms were concealed. The folks brandishing large firearms openly who were not wearing pink arm bands were not coordinated with law enforcement. I won’t speculate as to why they attended or what their intentions were but without the pink arm band, they were not identifiable to rally attendees as specifically supportive and therefore had not been part of the coordinated effort.