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Master beadworker combines traditional craft, inspiration

Growing up on the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming, Marcus Dewey learned to do beadwork from his mother and grandmother. His grandmother’s most important lesson was a simple one. “I always asked my grandma, ‘Is there an easier way?’ And she said, ‘No, there’s only one way.’ And that’s what she taught me.”

He listened and learned. And he practiced. Though he’d worked earlier in life as a ranch hand, truck driver and oil field laborer, Dewey has made his living exclusively off his beadwork since 1990. Continue Reading →

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Photographer to repeat winter trek across Yellowstone

The last time Tom Murphy skied all the way across Yellowstone National Park from south to north, he was 34 years old and weighed 165 pounds. When he sets out on Saturday to re-create that expedition, he will be 64 years old, with a weight of 180 pounds. “I’m sure I can do it,” he said Monday in a telephone interview from his home in Livingston. “That truly is not a concern of mine. The concern I have is whether I can keep up with these young people.” Continue Reading →

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Montana teacher discusses Yellowstone supervolcano on History Channel

Craig Beals talks to his honors chemistry class Friday morning at Billings Senior High School.

In the classroom, Billings Senior High science teacher Craig Beals knows how to get his students’ attention. Things that go boom are always popular, and you really can’t go wrong with fire. This Monday, Beals will see if he can capture the interest of nationwide television viewers with a show featuring some of those same attractants, only on a much bigger scale. The History Channel show, “Secret Earth: Yellowstone Supervolcano,” will air at 8 p.m. in Montana. Continue Reading →

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