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Yellowstone geyser report for September: Fan and Mortar fall into a rhythm

September 2012 saw Plume Geyser stop erupting for the second time this year. The last known eruption was on the morning of September 6. While no eruptions have been seen since, constant gurgling lets us know the water isn’t terribly far below the surface. Listen to the gurgling of Plume Geyser here. Beehive Geyser seems to be averaging an eruption once every 12-17 hours. About 15 hours is a good guess to have for the center of an unofficial prediction window. Most daytime eruptions are caught on the live streaming webcam and can be a nice break during the work day. Aurum Geyser has had a few 3- and 4-hour intervals between all the long intervals of 10 or more hours. That means it's likely to shift into winter mode soon. Continue Reading →

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