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A ‘moderate’ hike to view Tetons from Huckleberry Mountain Fire Lookout

Deb Ehlers tends to her dogs, Kirwin and Maggie, on the Huckleberry Mountain trail in the Bridger-Teton National Forest. (Tom Ehlers, Jr. - click to enlarge)

Once we made it to Huckleberry Ridge, we found evidence of recent bear presence, with numerous piles of bear scat filled with berries on and along the trail. The Internet description of the hike had indicated that when the huckleberries ripen, the ridge is a favorite feeding spot for grizzly bears, and to this we found evidence of truth! Continue Reading →

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Shooting Jake Smith’s hat: A tale from Langford’s Discovery of Yellowstone Park – 1877

Jake Smith

One of the members of the famous Washburn Expedition that explored the upper Yellowstone in 1870, a jocular man named Jake Smith, was always ready to gamble. Unfortunately, he lost all his money in a card game the night before the trip started. But Jake came up with a way to replenish his stake. N.P. Langford tells the story in an excerpt from his book, The Discovery of Yellowstone Park. Continue Reading →

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