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Cody area has timeless connection to diverse wildlife

Bighorn sheep and other wildlife are likely to be subjects in a newly announced photography contest focused on Yellowstone National Park.

A vast contrast in elevation—along with a wide mix of habitat and large tracts of public and undeveloped private land—are all keys to why Cody, Wyo. boasts an unparalleled diversity of big game, large carnivores and even a surprising array of bird species. Rounding out the picture is a network of blue-ribbon trout waters that criss-cross a sparsely populated region of stark and imposing beauty. It all adds up to an enduring and compelling relationship between the landscape, animals and people, creating a local economy where tourism and ranching are major forces, and a culture that has long celebrated wildlife in ways that are both commonplace and unique. Continue Reading →

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Yellowstone bison population up nearly 9 percent over 2012

A group of bison graze and rest near the roadside south of Madison in Yellowstone National Park in August 2013.

An annual bison population survey released by Yellowstone National Park shows an estimated jump in nearly 9 percent over last year. Based on a series of aerial surveys, researchers estimate that 4,600 bison live in Yellowstone. There are approximately 3,200 bison in the northern herd and 1,400 in the central herd this summer. Continue Reading →

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Wyoming moose study focuses on large herd south of Grand Teton

A study on Wyoming’s largest moose herd could guide management decisions about oil and gas leasing in the Wyoming Range, south of Grand Teton National Park. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department, and the Wyoming Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit recently expanded a moose project in the Northern Wyoming Range between Jackson and Pinedale. Continue Reading →

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10 sunny summer sights from Yellowstone and Grand Teton

Summer has arrived in Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks, and sightseers and photographers are out in force to take in the great sights all across both parks. Finding wildlife during the hot, sunny days of summer can be trickier than in fall or spring, especially as crowds grow and the parks get busier. Continue Reading →

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Cody to launch ‘Spring Into Yellowstone’ birding and wildlife festival in May

Working with a wide range of partners, the Cody Country Chamber of Commerce is launching Spring Into Yellowstone, a birding and wildlife festival that will include guided trips, interactive forums and a trade show May 15-19. Much of the event will focus on bird-watching and photography, as organizers aim to tap into a national community of 48 million self-identified birders who spend more than $35 billion annually on the hobby, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Continue Reading →

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Grand Teton biologist offers fall update on Jackson Hole wildlife

A pair of Grand Teton peregrine falcons nesting in a popular climbing spot had prompted a temporary closure of the area.

A free public program on Thursday will give the public a chance to find out the latest news about Grand Teton National Park wildlife, with a focus on species whose home ranges are in Jackson Hole. Steve Cain, senior wildlife biologist for Grand Teton, will provide a recap and overview of the current status of several wildlife species that occupy home ranges in Grand Teton National Park and the John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Memorial Parkway, according to the park's pubic affairs office. Continue Reading →

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