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Yellowstone Science Conference looks beyond boundaries for answers

The 12th Biennial Scientific Conference on the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem is being held over three days this week at Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel, centered on a theme of "Crossing Boundaries." But judging from some of the comments during Tuesday's panel discussions and coffee breaks, it seemed like the conference itself had at times crossed a boundary from the world of esoteric hypotheses posed by cautious researchers into a realm of eager discovery and engaged debate by journalists, advocates and members of the general public. Continue Reading →

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Researchers invited to pitch projects for Yellowstone science conference

Abstract submissions for the 12th Biennial Scientific Conference on the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem will be accepted April 4, 2014 to June 4, 2014. This year's conference theme is “Crossing Boundaries in Science, Management, and Conservation” focusing on the challenges and opportunities posed by crossing environmental, disciplinary, and jurisdictional boundaries in the quest to achieve one greater Yellowstone ecosystem. Continue Reading →

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Research aims to better predict winter migrations of Yellowstone bison

A bison stands near road signs in downtown Gardiner, Mont. in January 2006. (Jim Peaco/NPS - click to enlarge)

When hundreds of bison move through a small town like Gardiner, Mont. at the north entrance to Yellowstone, they have the potential to damage property, injure people and transmit disease to livestock. Park managers and other wildlife agencies try to reduce those potential conflicts, but don't always know where and when the animals will move, said Chris Geremia, a National Park Service researcher at the Yellowstone Center for Resources. Continue Reading →

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Unique Yellowstone microbe could hold clues for bioenergy, carbon capture

Researchers have used detailed genetic analyses to identify novel microbes found in the Norris Geyser Basin of Yellowstone National Park. (YNP photo)

Researchers are continuing to find new and unique properties in the thermal features of Yellowstone National Park, with a recent study suggesting that novel microbes found in the Norris Geyser Basin might someday help in unlocking more environmentally friendly forms of energy. Detailed and complex genetic analyses carried out by scientists from Montana State University and other laboratories have yielded what appears to be a new phylum of archaea — a new branch on the tree of life that could lead to new methods of carbon sequestration or producing biofuels. Continue Reading →

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Yellowstone conference to focus on using science in management decisions

Scientists will present their latest research on everything from soil microbes to moose migration this week during a conference in Yellowstone National Park focused on using scientific data in making policy deicisions throughout the greater Yellowsotne area. The 11th Biennial Scientific Conference on the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem begins this evening and runs through Wednesday at the Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel, where researchers from a wide range of scientific disciplines will gather to share details of their work. Continue Reading →

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Grand Teton eclipse viewing event offers safe chance for close-up views

Grand Teton National Park will host a solar eclipse viewing event on Sunday, May 20. (photo ©Rhys Jones - click to enlarge)

National parks across the country are preparing for the arrival on Sunday of sky-watchers and photographers anxious to take in an annular solar eclipse amid the natural beauty of wide open spaces, and Grand Teton National Park is no exception. The Grand Teton eclipse is expected to occur as the sun sets above the Teton Range, and it should offer a dramatic show of natural splendor for greater Yellowstone area photographers and astronomers. The National Park Service will host a Grand Teton eclipse viewing event starting at 6 p.m. Sunday, May 20, at the Willow Flats Overlook, north of Jackson Lake Junction. Bob Hoyle, a professional astronomer and park ranger naturalist, will conduct the event in partnership with the Jackson Hole Astronomy Club. Continue Reading →

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Wyoming Game and Fish trapping grizzly bears in Grass Creek area

Wildlife officials have proposed ending federal protections for Yellowstone area grizzly bears.

As part of ongoing efforts to monitor the population of grizzly bears in the greater Yellowstone area, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department will conduct trapping operations in the Grass Creek drainage northwest of Thermopolis April 23 - May 23. All areas where trapping is being conducted will have major access points marked with warning signs. Game and Fish officials advise all members of the public heed these signs. Continue Reading →

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Yellowstone conference to focus on science and decision making

Organizers of a biennial conference on science in the greater Yellowstone area have issued a call for abstracts from researchers wishing to present at the October event. Submissions for the 11th Biennial Scientific Conference on the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem will be accepted March 15 - May 15. This year’s conference theme is "Greater Yellowstone in Transition: Linking Science and Decision Making." Scheduled for Oct. 8 - 10 at Mammoth Hot Springs, Wyo., the conference will bring together scientists, managers and other decision-makers to examine resource challenges throughout the greater Yellowstone area from a variety of perspectives. The goals are to exchange scientific information relevant to management and to identify resource challenges that demand new research. Continue Reading →

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