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Yellowstone to ‘talk trout’ at spring gateway meetings

Yellowstone national is known as a prime destination for anglers. But park managers are embarking on increasingly complex and costly programs aimed at protecting and preserving the park’s world-class trout fisheries. Park staff members will travel to nearby communities in the coming weeks to talk with anglers about the ongoing efforts to restore native fish species, the threat of aquatic invasive species and recent changes to fishing regulations. Continue Reading →

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Jackson Hole students help with trout research project

Nearly 200 Jackson Hole Middle School seventh grade students joined biologists and others from Grand Teton National Park, Trout Unlimited, Teton Science Schools and Wyoming Game and Fish earlier this week to help with a trout research project. The Adopt-a-Trout Field Days at the Gros Ventre Campground on September 24 and 25 saw students rotate through educational stations conducted by various event partners. Continue Reading →

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Yellowstone continues efforts to eliminate non-native fish

Wildlife officials are working to restore native fish species like Yellowstone cutthroat trout to waters across the region.

Wildlife managers in Yellowstone National Park next week will continue their efforts to restore native trout populations by introducing a poison to eradicate non-native fish near Tower Junction. Starting Monday, Sept. 23, biologists will introduce a fish toxin into Elk Creek and its tributaries, including Lost Creek and Yancey Creek. Continue Reading →

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Yellowstone officials close some waterways to fishing due to dry, hot summer

Dry, hot weather has prompted Yellowstone Park officials to close some rivers to fishing.(Yellowstone Gate/Ruffin Prevost - click to enlarge)

A dry, hot summer is forcing managers in Yellowstone National Park to close parts of some rivers to fishing. In an attempt to ease the stress on fragile trout populations, Yellowstone's public affairs office on Monday announced that the following waterways will be temporarily closed to fishing starting Aug. 1: Continue Reading →

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An easy Yellowstone hike to catch trout or spot moose at Cascade Lake near Canyon

If you're looking for an easy day hike that offers a great trip through a wide range of terrain, then give the Cascade Lake trail a try. If you end up enjoying your day hike to Cascade Lake, keep in mind that you can always return for an overnight backcountry trip at one of the campgrounds there, as well as continuing on to Grebe, Wolf and Ice lakes along similar terrain. Continue Reading →

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Yellowstone Park releases 2011 ‘Vital Signs’ report on key natural resources

National Park Service scientists and collaborators from a wide range of cooperating organizations have released a report documenting the status of dozens of key indicators of the ecological health of Yellowstone National Park, quantifying a mixed bag of success stories and cautionary tales about natural resources in the park. The 2011 Natural Resource Vital Signs report is meant to help park managers understand the interconnected factors affecting the overall environmental picture in Yellowstone. It presents scientific data on everything from fires and earthquakes to bald eagles and boreal toads. Continue Reading →

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